European Fencing Championships

The Fencing European Championships are held annually sporting event in which the European champions are determined in the three genera fencing foil, epee and saber, with a distinction even after individual and team competition as well as ladies and gentlemen.

The first Fencing European Championships were held in 1981 in Foggia. After three years of no further Fencing European Championships were aligned due to unclear responsibilities. Only in 1991 a competition was in Vienna again carried out and it was founded on 26 October 1991, the " Union Européenne d' Escrime " ( renamed a few years later in "The European Fencing Confederation (EFC ) ", in French " Confédération Européenne d' Escrime (CEE ) "). Since then, the EFC and the organizer of the annual cycle is not interrupted again.

At the World Fencing Championships took until 1936 only fencers part of the European associations, insofar as these were also Fencing European Championships.


Medal Tally

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