The combination of the letters E and V is used in various spellings as an abbreviation:


  • Electric Vehicle, see electric vehicle
  • Embedded value, evaluation parameter in the financial sector
  • Consumer marketing in the sense of end-user
  • Enterprise Value enterprise value evaluation parameter in business
  • Equivalent variation, see Equivalent Variation
  • Expected Value, see expected value
  • Exposure value, see light value
  • Extended Validation SSL security certificate with extended review
  • Latvia after ICAO code
  • Abbreviation to processing plants for meat health marking

EV as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

In the right language

  • Affidavit ( affidavit )
  • Retention of title, the transfer of movable property subject to a condition
  • "Input method " ( according to § 40 SGB IX ) (see workshop for disabled people )
  • Unification Treaty
  • Injunction
  • Reservation of consent ( pursuant to § 1903 BGB)
  • Investigation (usually only the criminal )

In the insurance industry

  • Individual insurance
  • Individual contract
  • External sales

In Sports

  • Hockey Club
  • Figure Skating Club
  • Skating Club
  • Ice Club


  • Fokker EV, a German plane in World War 1

E. V.

  • ère vulgaire (French, German common era ), derogatory term for the old ( Gregorian) calendar after the introduction of the French Republican Calendar

E. v.

  • For input reserved in banking, for example, check credit E. v. as text in the account statement


  • For electron volts


  • More rarely eV for registered association,


  • For evangelical, also Protestant, evangel. , evgl., evgel.
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