Evan Karagias

Evan Karagias ( born November 27, 1973 in Gastonia, North Carolina ) is a former American professional wrestler of Greek descent. He is married and has 4 children.


Before wrestling time

Before Karagias came to wrestling, he worked as a model. He was photographed in numerous fitness magazines, including the magazine Men's Workout. 1996 Karagias worked for Calvin Klein. He has also worked as an actor and stuntman. Karagias has a university degree in Political Science and Theatre Studies as well as a wrestler scholarship to the North Carolina State University.

Active Time Wrestling

Karagias wrestling career began in the WCW Power Plant. He was trained there and first used as a jobber. Later, he appeared with the name Evan Courageous. Then he changed his ring name again and fought under his real name Evan Kourageous. 1999 Karagias could secure Inferno Mayhem at the WCW Cruiserweight Championship from Disco.

Three Count

Evan Karagias, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore were the first wrestling " Boy Band ". They called themselves the three count. For the first time the three have occurred in Thunder on December 23, 1999. In 2000, she defeated Norman Smiley Superbrawl in a handicap match. On February 28, defeated the three Brian Knobbs and were thus WCW Hardcore Champions. On 1 November 2000, it fell out during a match against the Jung Dragons, Karagias and Moore but came on 19 February 2001 back together.

From the WCW WWF

In March 2001, after WCW was Karagias sale of the WWF acquired. 2001 Karagias was then sent in August to the HWA in order to improve his skills, in December, he was discharged from the WWF.


After he was released in the WWF, he joined the AWA. Karagias was then very successful and won the AWA heavyweight title three times. On October 28, 2006 Evan was Karagias end of his career as a wrestler known.


  • AWA Superstars of Wrestling 3x AWA World Heavyweight Championship


Karagias had various appearances on the soap opera "All My Children ". In 1998 he played in the film All My Children.