Evi Goffin

Evi Goffin ( born February 27, 1981 in Antwerp, Belgium) is a Belgian singer. Your singing voice similar to that of Kim Wilde. She was known by the commercially very successful Vocal trance formation Lasgo whose front woman she was until early 2008.

  • 2.1 Singles


Medusa 1998-2000

At the age of 17 years, Evi received her first recording contract. Under the pseudonym of Medusa, she worked as a guest vocalist for Fiocco and 2 Fabiola. The single Miss You with Fiocco was at the beginning of 1999, very successful in Belgium and reached number 14 in the Flemish charts.

In February 1999, Goffin took part to the Euro Vision Song Contest 1999 in the Belgian decider. Thanks a wildcard she was allowed to compete equally in the Belgian finals. With her ​​solo song Into My Life, however, they failed miserably, finishing in last place.

On the TMF Awards in October 1999 Evi was introduced as the new singer of the dance project 2 Fabiola. The song New Years Day, a cover of the same song by U2, 1999 reached number 12 in the Flemish charts in November. The second single, Summer In Space by 2 Fabiola with her as a vocalist appeared in April 2000, but did not match with number 28 in the charts to the success of the first single. In the fall of 2000, 2 Fabiola broke up because Pat Krimson, the producer of the project, moved with his partner to Ibiza.

Lasgo 2001-2008

His international breakthrough came with Goffin Lasgo. The debut single Something stormed the charts worldwide in 2001. Also the debut album Some Things and the resulting coupled- singles were very successful. The second album Far Away from the year 2005 and the accompanying singles were a success only in Goffin's native Belgium.

After the birth of her first child remained from Lasgo new releases. When it came after June 2006 were no appearances by Lasgo, soon came to rumors that Evi will not offer himself as a singer available. Encouraged were the rumors in early December 2007 by the message of Belgian newspaper, which Evi Lasgo considering to leave and announce their decision until February 2008 would. End of May 2008 it was clear that Evi Lasgo had left as a new singer was sought for the project Lasgo.

The official reason for the break or the outlet was stated that Goffin would care more about her family. About the real reasons she expressed herself in October 2008 because it was their contractually forbidden, before talking about it. She had never intended to leave Lasgo. It would come into conflict with her ​​management, among others about their payment. It was also forbidden her to be musically active outside of Lasgo, a solo career was not allowed.

From 2009

Immediately after the expiry of the contract with Lasgo end of September 2008 Goffin announced that they had already dealt with the inclusion of a new single. Your personal musical ambitions were reflected at the end of 2008: Together with Gerd Hofman, she founded the pop-rock band " Sad Suzy ".

End of December 2009, was created in collaboration with the Swedish DJ and producer Alex Sayz Single Hate to Love was unveiled to the public and published on 19 January 2010 in the United States. In the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart, the single reached 6th place

Evi Goffin worked from May 2009 as a presenter ( VJ ) at the Belgian TV station GUNKtv and presented there the shipment Wango Tango. In January 2011, she moved like many other GUNKtv presenters in front of her to the online TV station GameNuts.


Early February 2005 it was announced that expected Evi by her husband Tom a child. On 14 June 2005, her son Diesel was born .. Evi and her husband another son named Bender.


The published with Lasgo in the years 2001 to 2006 singles and albums are not listed.