2 Fabiola

2 Fabiola is a Belgian dance act consisting of producer Patrick Claesen (alias Pat Krimson ), and Loredana Viola Furleo Deamicis. He emerged in the early 1990s.


In 1989, Claesen his musical career as guitarist for the band Flemish Leopold 3 (the name was a reference to the former Belgian King Leopold III. ). In 1991 he published together with Oliver Adams ( participant in various other dance projects, including Praga Khan) song The Milky Way under the name 2 Fabiola. When naming they were inspired by the Leopold 3 and named the dance act by the Belgian Queen Fabiola de Mora y Aragon. 1995 met the singer Zohra Aït- Fath to Claesen and Adams. The second single (and also the first with Aït- Fath ) Play This Song could, inter alia, place in the Spanish and Italian Singles Chart, the third single Lift U Up in the early summer of 1996, reaching number 1 of the Flemish singles chart. There were other top 3 hits like I'm on fire and Freak Out. There also appeared a first studio album, titled Tyfoon, which was as successful as the previously released singles in Belgium.

1997 published a preliminary singles like Magic Flight and Flashback to the next album Androgyne, which was released in 1998, but despite the high positions of the two first singles was clearly unsuccessful as its predecessor. 1999 then also left Zohra Aït- Fath the formation and began a career as a solo artist and DJ. Then Patrick Claesen now worked together for some time with the later singer of Lasgo, Evi Goffin (aka Medusa ) until Claesen in 2000 with his wife Ann Vervoort (former singer of Milk Inc. ) to Ibiza moved to its own nightclub to open.

Published in 2007, Claesen a collaboration with Australian singer Katie Michaelson, the Double-A Single Straight 2 The Top / Play This Song 2, but with only moderate success.

Since 2008 has 2 Fabiola with Viola Furleo and Loredana Deamicis again lasting singers. In June this year, the first single with them, Blow Me Away / We Love The 90 's was released in Belgium.



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  • (*) Weeks in chart rating