Exelberg Telecommunication Tower

The radio tower Exelberg is a 109 meter high telecommunications tower in reinforced concrete on the Exelberg in Lower Austria. The radio tower is a tower type, which is operated by the owner Telekom Austria. It provides a microwave link between the primary westerly radio stations on Jauerling and the east of it located in Vienna radio tower Wien- Arsenal represents the radio links are in the frequency range from 7 GHz to 7.4 GHz. In addition, the type of tower serves as a carrier for transmitting equipment for the aircraft radio air traffic control Austro Control and radio monitoring.

As a special feature in Austria for radio purposes only type four towers in reinforced concrete way: Transmitter Roßbrand in Salzburg, radio station Ansfelden near Linz, Exelberg and the radio tower in Vienna Arsenal. The reason is that can be realized on mountain peaks and hills by means of small steel lattice towers cheaper in the mountains landscape microwave links as with elaborate and larger reinforced concrete towers.

The radio tower on Exelberg is however economically underutilized. It was expected in the 1960s, with increasing demand for radio services in the Vienna area. With the development of satellite and fiber technology that assumption, however, did not occur.

Until the construction of this radio system, the radio links via the transmitter Anninger were settled, the South has since been necessary only for the route.