Extreme -G is a series of futuristic racing games of the old computer game manufacturer Acclaim.


Add to Extreme -G games, the player takes control of a futuristic motorcycle with which he discharged against other high-speed bikes at high speed race. Similar to Wipeout it is possible to pick up weapons off the track and use them against the counterparty.

In multiplayer mode, it is also possible optionally to compete on the racetrack or in battle arenas against other human players.

The development team of the first two parts Probe Entertainment, Acclaim Studios London was to the 1999. The following two games of the series were developed by Acclaim Studios Cheltenham.


  • Extreme -G (1997, Nintendo 64)
  • XG2 - Extreme -G (1998, Nintendo 64, PC)
  • XGIII - Extreme G Racing (2002, Nintendo GameCube and in 2001, PlayStation 2 )
  • XGRA - Extreme G Racing Association (2004, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)