Ezzard Charles

Ezzard Mack Charles ( * July 7, 1921 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, † 27 May 1975 in Chicago ) was an American professional boxer and World Heavyweight Champion ( 1949-1951 ). His nick - name was or fight The cobra of Cincinnati.


In 1939, Charles American champion at middleweight ( -73 kg ).

Professional career

His first professional fight, he won on March 27, 1940 against John Reeves in Cincinnati. He began in the middleweight division, and could beat the superior Charley Burley there two times.

In particular, the light-heavyweight was the weight class, the most impressive occurred in the Charles. He is the Ring Magazine as the best light heavyweight of all time, in particular due to three wins over Archie Moore, who is out on number 2.

Ironically, he was never able to fight to his best time for the light heavyweight title, but at the heavyweight title, when he had passed the peak of his career and boxing skills performance.

On February 20, 1948 Charles fought in Chicago against the young Sam Baroudi. Ezzard won by knockout in the 10th round, Baroudi was hit so hard that he later in hospital suffered during combat internal injuries erlag.Charles considered then to end his boxing career, but a telegram from Baroudi's father convinced him to continue. However, he changed his boxing style and evolved from aggressive fighters to cautious, technically better boxer.

In the heavy- weight

On 22 June 1949, he boxed in Chicago against Jersey Joe Walcott for the vacant following the resignation of Joe Louis world title in the heavyweight division and won after 15 rounds. The " Ring Magazine ", however, was so little impressed by the fight that it would not valued as a world champion Charles. Only when Charles Joe Louis defeated in September 1950 at its comeback, he was recognized as world champion. How many times in the history of heavyweight boxing, was the legitimacy of the honoree, who succeeded a boxing legend who doubted. Comparable cases were Gene Tunney and Larry Holmes.

Jersey Joe Walcott lost against Charles on July 18, 1951 in Pittsburgh after seven rounds by KO the title. Then he never found his way back to its full combat power. The rematch against Walcott in June 1952, he lost on points, just as he was defeated by Rex Lane (but won the rematch ), Nino Valdes and the light heavyweight Harold Johnson.

Now he was an attractive opponent for the reigning heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano he clearly defeated by knockout in 1954 in two fights even close on points and time. Charles, the stated in his pro career never defeated Marciano facing some problems during the course of these struggles, remained the " glory " of being the only boxer who had endured 15 rounds against Marciano, even if he let it be known after the first fight he felt as if he had " come under a combine harvester ."

According to Marciano fights Charles could not win a big fight more and finally ended his career in 1959.

1990 Charles was induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.