F. F. Bruce

Frederick Fyvie Bruce, known as FF Bruce ( born October 12, 1910 in Elgin, Scotland, † September 11, 1990 in Buxton, Derbyshire, England) was a Scottish evangelical theologian who by some authors as one of the most influential New Testament scholar in the UK theology of the 20th century is called.


Bruce was the son of a preacher of the Brethren movement and life active member of the open Plymouth Brethren, if he does not affirmed also the members of the teaching of the Brethren movement dispensationalism.

He studied in Aberdeen 1928-32 and 1932-34 in Cambridge Greek and Latin, then to 1935 in Vienna Indo-European philology; As a student he received numerous awards. Bruce mastered many languages ​​, including Scottish Gaelic his home, and was thirteen years ( 1945-58 ), editor of the journal Yorkshire Celtic Studies.

His academic career began as an assistant of Greek at the University of Edinburgh ( 1935-38 ) and Leeds ( 1938-47 ). In 1947, he was offered a new Department of Biblical History and Literature at the University of Sheffield to set up, which he chaired from 1955 as a professor, though - according to the legend also because - he had never studied formally theology. In 1959 he became professor of biblical studies and exegesis at the University of Manchester John Rylands. In this position he was responsible for more dissertations on biblical studies than any other professor of his generation. He is said to have a very great knowledge of the Bible; so tell students that it provides both the Hebrew and Greek text as well as several English translations of the Bible by heart, cited in lectures. In 1978 he became Professor Emeritus.

Bruce was one of the few theologians who were recognized by their peers as both Old Testament and New Testament as. He is one of two theologians who have projected both the " Society for Old Testament Studies" (1965 ) and the " Society for New Testament Studies" (1975).

From the late 1950s, traveled Bruce - apart from Europe - held lectures in North America, Australia and East Africa.


Bruce saw no contradiction in principle between the creeds of historic Christianity and modern biblical scholarship. He worked with Liberal and Conservative Christians, Jews and atheists. He put a strong emphasis on its independence, which is why he preferred the also working on a secular university on a denominational university.

In his personal character he was known as evangelicals. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the evangelical student movement InterVarsity and over 20 years ( 1956-78 ) advisory co-editor of Christianity Today.

Unlike the majority of evangelicals of his generation he was a staunch fighter for women's equality in the church service because of his interpretation of Paul's letters.


" Are the New Testament Documents Reliable? " ( German: "Are the New Testament documents reliable" ), Bruce's first book, was published in 1943 and became widespread. It has since been reprinted eight times, revised several times and translated into many languages. From the leading evangelical magazine Christianity Today, it is regarded as one of the fifty most important evangelical books.

Bruce's first major work in 1951 was a technical- scientific commentary on the Greek text of Acts, the more the historical and linguistic aspects emphasized than the theological. A second comment from 1954 was more devoted to theology and interpretation and less intended for scientists as for pastors and preachers. These two comments were the patterns for different series of evangelical Bible commentaries, which appeared during the next fifty years, including many of his former students.

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