Faust (Band)

Faust is a German krautrock band that originated in Hamburg in 1970, when the members of two previous bands, nucleus (consisting of Péron, Sosna and Wüsthoff ) and Campylognatus Citelli (consisting of Diermaier, Irmler and Meifert ) merged.

Band History

The first still unnamed group met the journalist Uwe Nettelbeck music, which gave them a contract with the record company Polydor. Polydor taught in an old village school in Wümme a studio there in the fed the band with Nettelbeck and engineer Kurt Graupner. There arose the first two albums ( Faust and So Far ) as well as collaborations with Slapp Happy ( Sort Of, Acnalbasac Noom ) and Tony Conrad ( Outside the Dream Syndicate ).

The first live appearance in the fall of 1971 fell by technical problems to a spectacular happening; Meifert then left the band.

In late 1972 the band moved with Nettelbeck and Graupner to England, where she was taken by Richard Branson's Virgin label Records. Shortly thereafter, The Faust Tapes was released, which was sold at that price of a single (49 pence ). The achieved high sales numbers, however, not carried over to the subsequent Faust IV, and a fifth album remained unreleased. Then Wüsthoff left the band. Rudolf Sosna died November 1996.

During the next 15 years it remained silent about the former band members; but it appeared more Publications with photographs from the early days in Wümme as well as excerpts from the fifth album by Chris Cutler's Recommended Records.

Péron, Diermaier Irmler and eventually found themselves back together in 1990 for a concert in Hamburg. In 1992 he was a sold out concert in London. Péron and Diermaier went on a 1994 tour of Europe and the United States. During the stay in the U.S. they were supported by Steven Wray Lobdell. In this line, a new album, Rien was born.

Another album, You Know FAUST, was recorded in 1996 in Schiphorst. This was followed by European tours. Péron left the tour in France in June 1997, Irmler and Diermaier work with various guest musicians on. It was followed by other concerts, live albums, a setting of Murnau 's classic Nosferatu and 1999 a new album Ravvivando.

From 2002 the individual artists devoted themselves to their solo projects: Peron dada events and performances Style Errorist, Dier Maiers Offline Video Music edited sound and image, Irmlers Klangbad label and recording studio.

As of May 2005 came along with Diermaier, Peron, Amaury Cambuzat and Olivier Manchion ( from the band Ulan Bator ) is a new version of Faust, on the Art Errorist debuted Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst in the fall and has since successfully traveling on world tours. With this line resulted in several published live and studio recordings.

In April 2010 the formation published by Hans -Joachim Irmler a new double album with sound bath. On " faust is last" Jochen Irmler, Lars Paukstat, Steven W. Lobdell Jan Fride and Michael Stoll are represented.

The published in January 2011 album "Something Dirty " was in the cast Diermaier / Peron / James Johnston ( from the band Gallon Drunk ) and Geraldine Swayne. In this cast fist appeared since 2008 repeatedly to even live. " The Faust Tapes" was included in the list Wire The Wire 's " 100 Records That Set The World On Fire (While No One Was Listening ) ".




Live albums and compilations


  • 2005 - Faust / Zappi Diermaier: Impressions ( Klangbad )
  • 2007 - Faust: Trial and Error 2005 ( Ankst Records)