Feminnem is a Croatian- Bosnian girl group. She represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 and Croatia in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010. Their name is a nod to the rapper Eminem.



The band was at its inception in 2004 from Ivana Marić ( born November 12, 1982 in Čapljina, Bosnia - Herzegovina), Neda Parmac ( born April 28, 1985 in Kardeljevo, today Ploce, Croatia) and Pamela Ramljak ( born December 24, 1979 Čapljina, Bosnia - Herzegovina ), all attended the show Hrvatski idol, an adaptation of Pop idol. Their first hit was Volim te mrzim, te. Ivana Marić in 2007 left the group, she was replaced by Nikol Bulat. They also left the band, so that 2009 Nika Antolos (* 1989 in Rijeka, Croatia) boarding.

Participations in the Euro Vision Song Contest

2005 Feminnem won the preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest in Bosnia - Herzegovina with the song Zovi. When Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, the contribution in English under the title Call Me was sung. He finished in 14th place.

2007, the group wanted to represent Croatia and took as the Dora with the song Navika part, finished there but only ninth. 2009 we participated again Poljupci u boji finished in third place. The third part finally brought success: With Lako ever sve Feminnem won the Dora and thus represented Croatia at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2010 in Bærum, just outside Oslo. However, this participation ended in the second semi-final on May 27.