National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO

Lado (Croatian: Ansambl Narodnij Plesova i pjesama Hrvatske LADO; National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO ) is a professional national ensemble for Croatian dance and music. In the group operate 34 dancers who also form a choir and 14 musicians playing on traditional and classical musical instruments. The ensemble was founded in Zagreb in 1949 occurs in a variety of historical costumes. The group had released worldwide performances with their dancing, singing and music performances and numerous recordings.

In 2005, supported two musicians and three singers of the ensemble as Lado Members singer Boris Novković the Croatian contribution of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev. Your folk pop Vukovi umiru sami ( Wolves die alone ) came eleventh. 2006 saw five male members of the ensemble with Severina Vuckovic and her song Moja Stikla ( My stiletto ) again at the Euro Vision Song Contest on. At this time held in Athens competition, they could occupy the 13th place.