Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke

Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke (also: FWF) ( born October 11, 1863 in Hannover, † January 17, 1927 ) was a German teacher and founder of the first turf sports club in Germany. He has appeared as one of the first for the spread of the sport concept in Hanover and is considered the " Father and Creator of the Hanoverian lawn sport".


Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke attended the later Hanoverian " grammar school " at George Square

After British had made ​​the rugby also known in Hanover, Ferdinand Wilhelm Fricke founded at the age of 14 years with some like-minded people on September 14, 1878 Today, the oldest German turf sports club " German football club Hannover 1878 " ( DFV). There he was elected chairman and held this position until 1898.

1879 Fricke was " Yearling " in communications, played himself as a rugby player and practiced as an athlete.

Professional underwent Fricke training as a teacher and worked as such for two years in Moringen, and then - to teach until his death at the public school meters of road - again in Hannover.

1890 Fricke called the " introduction of school games," published to the football game, its history, advantages, and its operation on German playgrounds.

In order to create a sporting competition with the DFV, Fricke promoted the formation of other rugby clubs: " On April 12, 1896, had come: the current members of the DFV of 1878, all citizens pupils, founded with friends a new club and called him" Hannover Fußball Club 1896 " " - Hannover 96 was born.

In 1900, Fricke was also co-founder of the German Rugby Federation and its chairman until 1905. Also in 1900 he founded the " Association Hannoverscher ( rugby ) football clubs ".

In 1925, Fricke vice-principal at the public school meters of road.


  • The football game, its history, advantages, and its operation on German playgrounds. Hannover -Linden 1890.