File Commander

File Commander / 2 for OS / 2 ( FC / 2), File Commander / L for Linux ( FC / L ) and File Commander / W for Windows ( FC / W) clone of MS- DOS program Norton Commander and in their look and feel of the original very similar. As a file manager allowing the convenient copy, delete, rename, or search for files and directories under OS / 2, and among the versions of Windows from NT and 9x. The program is distributed as shareware.

The program has been developed since 1993 ( version 0.1 ) by Brian Havard, an Australian programmer. It was written originally for OS / 2 As of version 1.51 in 1997 there was the first time in parallel, also a Windows version. Since version 2.40 versions for Win64 and various Linux distributions also are offered.

File Commander dominated compression features with the separately to install programs Zip, RAR, LHarc ( lzh ) and its successor, LHA, ARJ, ACE, HA, gzip, tar, the new 7z and very effective bzip2. Both have integrated editor and the integrated viewer master the syntax highlighting and Unicode text files. The file and directory names can be displayed in different colors depending on certain properties. In all versions, long file names are supported.