Norton Commander

The Norton Commander (usually shortened NC) is a utility for managing PC file systems ( file manager) that has stood in its basic conception of a whole group of similar programs Godfather.


Was developed the program in 1984 by former physics student John Socha, the it in 1986 under the name Norton Commander at the company Peter Norton Computing, which was also responsible for the known product Norton Utilities later published. In the ensuing years, three other versions of the file manager for the DOS operating system appeared. After the publication of the Norton Commander 4 Norton Computing was acquired by the company Symantec in 1991. Symantec published 1995 version 5 of Norton Commander and then in 1998 for MS-DOS versions of 5:51 and 2:01 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT. But since now several other file manager for Windows and DOS copied the Norton - Commander architecture and better with all kinds of extensions were than the original, the Norton Commander series has been completely discontinued due to lack of sales.


The Norton Commander offered for the text-based DOS a user interface ( Character-based User Interface) - essentially two windows and a DOS command line consisting of - that allowed simple editing, copying and moving files. The integrated viewer could wish to show files in hexadecimal format. In addition, later versions offered, among other functions also have the option of all kinds formats ( such as image files and audio files ) to open and create archives. As of version 4 of the Norton Commander also contained a terminal emulation program called Term90; Version 5.0 was the designation Term95. Term90 and Term95 were the first software for data communication with a modem modem for many newcomers.


The Norton Commander was one of the most popular programs of the DOS era and was often reprogrammed by different companies as shareware. Among the best known of these clones include ( alphabetical order):

  • Altap Salamander ( Windows shareware )
  • Directory Opus (Windows and AmigaOS; Shareware)
  • EF Commander (OS / 2, Windows, shareware )
  • FAR Manager (Windows shareware / BSD license )
  • File Commander (OS / 2, Windows, and Linux; Shareware)
  • FreeCommander (Windows freeware )
  • GNOME Commander (Linux; GPL)
  • Krusader ( for Unix-like systems with KDE, GPL)
  • Midnight Commander (Unix -like systems, Windows, GPL)
  • muCommander (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, GPL)
  • Dos Navigator (DOS; Free Software )
  • Operation Center (Windows shareware )
  • SpeedCommander (Windows shareware )
  • Total Commander until 2002 under the name Windows Commander (Windows, Windows CE, Android, shareware / freeware )
  • Volkov Commander (DOS and Windows shareware )
  • Xfolders (Mac OS freeware / shareware )