First Schmidt cabinet

The term cabinet Schmidt I mean the first run in the 7th parliamentary term, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt federal government, which held office from 16 May 1974 to 14 December 1976.



In the cabinet meeting of July 4, 1974 also cuts for the 1975 budget were adopted for all government sectors compared to the original plan lower budget increases and partly. The budget of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation should be doing to grow by 9.1 percent in fiscal year 1975. Following the Cabinet meeting joined the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation, Erhard Eppler, resigned in protest. He was succeeded on July 8, 1974, the former Federal Minister for Special Tasks Egon Bahr.

On August 19, 1974, the Parliamentary State Secretaries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Karl Moersch and Hans -Jürgen Vishnevsky, were appointed Ministers of State in the Foreign Office.

After he was elected on 18 December 1974 Parliamentary secretary of the SPD parliamentary group, left the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Finance, Konrad Porzner, from office. His successor was on 24 January 1975, the former deputy chairman of the finance committee, Rainer Offergeld.

On March 19, 1975 Karl- Wilhelm Berkhan took office of the Commissioner of the German Bundestag. His successor as Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defence, was appointed on the same day Hermann Schmidt, who had been since 1972 Chairman of the Defence Committee.