Third Merkel cabinet

The term Cabinet Merkel III since December 17, 2013, the day of their swearing, acting German government referred to in the 18th legislative period. The composition of the newly formed Cabinet of the grand coalition of CDU / CSU and SPD was announced on 15 December 2013. It is the 23 Cabinet of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The coalition agreement is entitled to shape the future of Germany.

The revised responsibilities of ministries arise from the organization adopting the Chancellor December 17, 2013.

Ahead of the national elections and during the coalition negotiations established himself in the media and everyday language as an abbreviation for the term GroKo grand coalition, which was finally chosen word of the year.



On February 14, 2014 said Hans -Peter Friedrich ( CSU) in connection with the scandal surrounding the politician Sebastian Edathy (SPD ) his resignation from the office of the Federal Minister of Agriculture. His successor as Federal Agriculture Minister is the former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development Christian Schmidt ( CSU), whose successor as Secretary of State in the Department for International Development Thomas Silberhorn (CSU ).