Renzi Cabinet

The Cabinet Renzi ruled Italy since 22 February 2014., The government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, as last, the Cabinet Letta, of the Social Democratic Partito Democratico (PD ), the civil list Scelta Civica (SC ) and the center -right party Nuovo Centrodestra ( NCD) worn.

The Cabinet Renzi is the second government in the running since March 2013 17th legislative period of the Republic. Enrico Letta resigned with his cabinet on 14 February 2014 after the party chairman Matteo Renzi was able to prevail with the demand for a new government led by him, in an internal vote of the Partito Democratico. Among the priorities of the new government are a fundamental reform of the Italian Senate and a new electoral law.

Matteo Renzi was commissioned on 17 February 2014 President Giorgio Napolitano to form a government. The list of ministers was published on 21 February, the swearing in of the Prime Minister and the Minister took place on 22 February at the Quirinale Palace. On February 25, the new government received the confidence of Parliament.

Ministers and State Secretaries

The Cabinet Renzi is next to the prime minister of eight ministers and eight ministers; such a government composition, it has never before existed in the history of Italy. The average age of cabinet members was 47 years for office. At the same time is Matteo Renzi at age 39 the youngest Prime Minister of the Republic and the youngest head of government in the EU.

Some ministers were members of the previous government: Angelino Alfano, NCD Chairman, remains Minister of the Interior, however, must renounce the office of Deputy Prime Minister, which accounts for the Cabinet Renzi; Maurizio Lupi ( NCD) remains Infrastructure and Transport Minister, Beatrice Lorenzin ( NCD) Minister of Health; Andrea Orlando, in the Cabinet Letta Environment Minister, switches to the Ministry of Justice; Roberta Pinotti, previously Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence, is the first defense minister of Italy; Maurizio Martina, under Letta State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture Minister is; Gianluca Galletti, previously Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education, Minister of the Environment is; Graziano Delrio, under Letta Minister for Regional Affairs, is the highest-ranking Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and thus right hand Matteo Renzis. Several other Secretaries of State were also at the previous government.


Antonio Gentile was forced to resign after a scandal involving an attempt to influence the reporting of the newspaper L' Ora della Calabria as Secretary of State on March 3, 2014. Gentile had tried to prevent the publication of an article about a corruption scandal, in which his son is involved.