A fisherman is a person who carries out fishing.


The work as a fisherman is to take already for the earliest forms of human society of hunter-gatherers. The profession of fisherman there are often in societies with little division of labor. It presupposes the possession and mastery of very specific work such as fishing boat, canoe or fishing boats and fishing nets.

Fischer made ​​in some societies similar to the primitive occupations blacksmith or healers often a kind of own caste or be exercised by a particular ethnic group. In West Africa, for example, there on the Niger River, the fishing people of Bozo. Similarly, there are in India Fishing box or international.

Terms of Use

Fishing rights in Germany is the states. The relevant legal principles are laid down in the national fisheries laws. In contrast to the professional fishermen of sport fishermen practicing fishing as a leisure activity.

Known Fischer

Since fishermen have contributed over thousands of years in many areas decisive for the diet of the population, they found their way into numerous literary works. Well-known examples are Simon Peter in the Bible, the tale The Fisherman and his wife by the Brothers Grimm, the story The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway or Gorch Fock " Seafaring is Not" for the onset of industrialized German deep-sea fishing in the late 19th century.