FK Radnik Bijeljina

Radnik Bijeljina (Serbian Cyrillic: Радник Биjeљинa ) is a Bosnian football club based in Bijeljina, in the republic of Republika Srpska. The club currently plays in the first division. Radnik means to German workers.


The first club was founded in Bijeljina was the FK Podrinje, which was established in 1919. The future of the clubs were FK Zora in 1920, FK Gradanski 1923, 1935, there was the FK Semberija. After the Second World War, the FK Radnik was founded.


In 1948, the new club won its first league title in Bosnian territory League of Yugoslav league. A year later, the club made ​​it to the Round of the Yugoslav Cup. In 1957, the renewed rise and Radnik played immediately in the area of Novi Sad. After the championship in this league they went in 1972 after the league title the Bosnian Regional in the second Yugoslav league.

One of the greatest successes of the club was the Bosnian regional youth championship 1987. 1999 they won their first league title in the Republic of Srpska.


From 1995 to 1997 the club was renamed to FK Panteri Biljeljina short term, but rejected again.


2005, the championship was achieved in the second Bosnian league and you rose to the Premijer league. However, the league the following season failed and so they again played second-rate. After the club in 2010 and 2011 only just failed the rise, we won in the 2011/12 season again the champion of the second division and thus plays 2012/13 again top notch in the Premijer league.


Many fans of Radnik are of Serbian descent, and were called " blue army ". Since 1995 the Fan Incident Bijeljina is called. The fan club also attended various events and participation of the Serbian national football team as the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany.

Known player

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Branimir Bajić, later at Partizan Belgrade, TuS Koblenz, MSV Duisburg
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Faruk Hujdurović, later SV Ried ( Austria ) and Energie Cottbus
  • Serbia Savo Milošević, and later at Partizan Belgrade, in Spain, Italy and England under contract, more than 100 missions to Serbia and Montenegro
  • Serbia Djordje Milovanovic, and later with Red Star Belgrade and in the UEFA Cup final in 1979
  • Serbia Dragan Micic, and later with Red Star Belgrade