FK stands for:

  • Air Sul, former Portuguese airline ( IATA code )
  • Brown FK, a yellowish-brown mixture of six different azo dyes
  • Section leadership / communication in the THW
  • Travel costs as part of the travel costs
  • Falkland Islands ( ISO 3166 )
  • Field capacity, the volume of water the soil can hold a maximum of
  • Missiles, mainly used in military parlance
  • Foreign Key, a foreign key in the area of ​​databases
  • Frigate captain, a rank of the Navy
  • Debt, a portion of the liabilities in the balance sheet of a company
  • Friends, a Stuttgart-based hip- hop band
  • Executive
  • Fundamental Catalogue in astronomy
  • Funkkorrespondenz, a German media journal
  • Club
  • Kassel Hauptbahnhof ( according to DS 100)
  • Cameroon to the ICAO code
  • The post code area Falkirk ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

FK as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Nottingham
  • Netherlands: mopeds
  • Austria: District Feldkirch
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Moldova

Fk is:

  • The country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the Falkland Islands, see. fk
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation