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The community Fljótsdalshérað ( Isl Sveitarfélagið Fljótsdalshérað ) is an Icelandic community in the region Austurland.

Fljótsdalshérað is 8884 km ² in area, the largest municipality in Iceland. From 2265 to 3695 inhabitants live in the capital Egilsstaðir. Other settlements are Fellabær with 451 inhabitants, Hallormsstaður with 50 inhabitants and Eiðar with 35 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2009). Up to the latter place all cities or municipal districts have experienced a strong population growth in recent years.


The large area extends from the Bay Héraðsflói in the northeast to the Vatnajökull glacier in the southwest.

When capital Egilsstaðir is the elongated lake or river of the same Lagarfljót, also called Lögurinn.

About 25 km south of Egilsstaðir is Iceland's largest forest Hallormsstaðaskógur. He emerged from a tree nursery for reforestation attempts from the early 20th century. Reforestation programs can be found in the whole area, see, for example Eyjolfsstaðurskógar. The woods and groves are often developed very well with walking trails and its course is marked on maps that can be obtained for free. The city itself is also interspersed with many trees and other larger plants.

Adjacent communities in the West Skútustaðir, in the north Norðurþing and Vopnafjörður, northeast Borgarfjorður, Seydisfjörður, in the east and in the south Fjarðabyggð and Breiðdalur Djúpivogur and Fljótsdalur.


The large congregation was formed on 1 November 2004 by the merger of three municipalities, two of which were large communities already formed in the 1990s:

  • Community Norður - HERAD formed on December 27, 1997 merger of the three rural communities Hlíð ( Hlíðarhreppur ) Jökuldalur ( Jökuldalshreppur ) and Tunga ( Tunguhreppur )
  • Community Austur - HERAD formed on June 7, 1998 merger of the City Egilsstaðir ( Egilsstaðabær ) with the four rural communities Hjaltastaður ( Hjaltastaðahreppur ) Skriðdalur ( Skriðdalshreppur ) Vellir ( Vallahreppur ) and Eiðar ( Eiðahreppur )
  • Rural community Fell ( Fellahreppur )

Transport and Infrastructure

By Egilsstaðir runs, among other important road Islands Hringvegur. The Egilsstaðir airport is at the same time (next to Akureyri ) is an alternative landing site for Iceland's Keflavik International Airport.


The annual average is 4.0 ° C. The warmest month is July, coolest in January. In January, the highest rainfall of the year falls.

Sons and daughters of the community

  • Bjarni Benediktsson frá Hofteigi (1922-1968), writer