Florian Kehrmann

Florian return man on March 24, 2007 in Aschaffenburg

Status: National January 26, 2009

Florian return (b. June 26, 1977 in Neuss ), grew up in Kaarst is a German handball player who plays in the Handball - Bundesliga TBV Lemgo.


Since 1997 return man was playing in the senior team and took a left-handed the position right outside, rarely right backcourt. His first international game he played on April 6, 1997 Erlangen. Sweeping man was involved in all major successes. In 2004 he became European Champion and won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Athens. At the World Cup in Germany in 2007 he won the title. He was awarded the Silver Laurel Leaf for this triumph.

At the clubs, in which he played, including HG Büttgen (1983-1994), TUSEM Food (1994-1995), Sports Ring Solingen (1995-1999) and since 1999 TBV Lemgo. In the years 2003, 2005 and 2006, the qualified banker was elected handball player of the year. In the domestic World Cup 2007, he won with Germany the title. In consultation with national coach Heiner Brand, he did not participate in the 2009 World Cup.

Since the season 2011/12 he is also active in Lemgo Handball in youth development.


On 7 July 2006 return man married his longtime girlfriend Diana Wöstenfeld in Lemgo St. Nicolai Church. His wife is even active in the Women's Handball Oberliga TuS Must- Billingshausen. 25 March 2007 their son was born, on 1 December 2008 was followed by a daughter.


2003, 2005 and 2006 was Florian sweeping man in Germany handball player of the year and in 2006 second in the choice of world handball player. In 2007 he was named " Sportsman of the Year " by North Rhine -Westphalia awarded the " Felix".


  • 2007 World Champion
  • Vice World Champion 2003
  • Silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens
  • 5th place at the 2000 Olympic Games
  • European Champion 2004
  • Vice European Champion 2002
  • 4th place at the World Handball Championship 2008 in Norway and choice in the All- Star team as the best right-winger
  • EHF Cup winners 2006 and 2010
  • German Champion 2003
  • DHB Cup Champion 2002
  • A German Youth Champion 1994

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