The Fnac ( the acronym stood initially for " Fédération nationale d' achats des cadres ", then, after opening for the general public, for " Fédération nationale d' achats ") is a retail chain, headquartered in Ivry -sur -Seine department Val -de- Marne, who specializes in the distribution of home entertainment products ( FNAC and consumer electronics ).


It was founded in France by André Essel and Max Théret 1954. Both were militant Marxist -Trotskyist embossing. Théret was even bodyguard of Trotsky.

Since 1996, Fnac is part of the French group PPR. This was founded in 1963 by François Pinault. 2004, sales of 4.139 billion euros Fnac was. In September 2006, PPR tried for two billion euros to sell Fnac again.


Fnac is the leader in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil in the distribution of entertainment and culture- related products.

The Fnac has built its reputation particularly because of the services provided: product testing in the Laboratoires tests, photo development, travel agency, tickets for concerts, shows and events. Fnac is the main sponsor of Europe's largest comic festival in Angoulême, the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d' Angoulême.

Fnac in German-speaking

The undertaken in the early 1990s, an attempt to expand into the German market failed. Opened in Berlin Meinekestraße in December 1991 first Fnac store in Germany was end of March 1995 closed again after the offer had previously been gradually reduced to particular product groups and service offerings. The reasons for this failure restrictions were mentioned in addition to the unfortunate choice of location in a side street of the Kurfürstendamm in force with relatively low pedestrian traffic in Germany, which did not allow a full implementation of successful in France, Fnac concept. So special opening times for example, were exclusive to Fnac members outside of regular store opening times and certain discount concepts of the company not comply with the German regulations.

The attempt to expand into the German -speaking Switzerland, failed: The opened in April 2008 when Barfusserplatz in Basel branch was the end of March 2009, already closed after less than a year. This was mainly according to official figures mainly economic reasons, the customer frequency was too low. With a role played in it, that the 3200 square meters of retail space spread over seven floors ( plus a café on the eighth floor ) and so especially the upper floors seen at the little clientele. Other reasons for the low footfall could be the assortment have been to that of the four branches was very similar in French-speaking Switzerland, or the little appealing design of the input range.

With the closure of the Basel branch of the expansion in the German Switzerland is initially stopped the planned stores in Zurich, Berne, Lucerne and St. Gallen are not realized. Fnac speaks of a " reflection" of three to four years; died the idea of ​​an expansion in the German Switzerland but is not yet so.

Facts and Figures

In September 2007, Fnac had 78 stores in 56 French cities. In addition, there were 65 outlets in eight other countries: 16 in Spain, 13 in Portugal, twelve in Brazil, seven in Belgium, seven in Italy, six in Switzerland, two in Taiwan and two in Greece. Furthermore, an online store as well as an online music distribution, FnacMusic. Opened in 2009, Fnac, a third business in Greece, yet the withdrawal from the country was decided in July 2010.

In 2006, Fnac planned to make a quarter of its sales outside France.

The immediate major competition in France is the Virgin Megastore, followed by the French edition of the Saturn chain (Metro AG).

The Fnac has for the first time in its history, announced the reduction of jobs in 2007. It affects about one thousand employees, of which 300 in the administration, the rest in the field of books and music trade. At the same variable, ie, sales-related, share was increased at the salary of employees. This scheme is similar to the model that the competition - Auchan, Darty, etc. - are used. These measures were taken in connection with the proposed sale of the company.