65.733333333333 - 17.933333333333Koordinaten: 65 ° 44 ' N, 17 ° 56 ' W

The Fnjóskadalur is a valley in the north of Iceland. It is located in the municipality of Þingeyjarsveit.


The Fnjóskadalur situated about ten kilometers north-east of Akureyri, east of the fjord Eyjafjörður. From this it is separated by the mountain chain Vaðlaheiði and runs approximately parallel to it in the south-north direction. It is traversed by the river Fnjóská from which derives its name.

Politically the area is part of the district ( sýsla ) Suður - Þingeyjarsýsla.


Geologically, the valley of basalt built, which is in many places overlaid by gravel and sand. The fertile soil allowed here a strong Icelandic standards agricultural use. In the valley lies the forest area Vaglaskógur, one of the largest in Iceland. Birch and spruce trees grow up to 14 feet tall here.


1908 Stone arch bridge over the Fnjóská was built at the northern end of the Vaglaskógur, considered the first of its kind in Iceland and is a landmark today. In the same year, the area was put under protection. Today it is a popular holiday destination and attracts among other campers and mountain bikers. The Fnjóskadalur is from Hringvegur, Iceland's Ring Road, crosses, making it easily accessible.