Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site

The National Historic Site of Canada Fort Rodd Hill is located, together with the National Historic Site of Canada Fisgard Lighthouse, at the entrance to the naval port of Esquimalt on Vancouver Iceland. The two buildings are situated on the Juan de Fuca Strait and were for protection as well as for control of the port, CFB Esquimalt today, built.


Fort Rodd Hill is located in Colwood in the Capital Regional District. The main part of the plant takes place here, on the western side of the harbor entrance, a slope up.

The fort consists of multiple parts. The most important are:

  • Top gun battery
  • Lower gun battery
  • Belmont battery
  • Underground Fort with casemates, ammunition depots and Führungs-/Funktionsräumen
  • Searchlight ( disguised as a fisherman's house )

The total investment is not surrounded by a circumferential wall or the like. However, the upper gun battery and the lower gun battery and the underground Fort are each surrounded by a wall.


Fort Rodd Hill was declared on November 3, 1958 National Historic Site of Canada.

The fort was built in the Broad in the period 1890-1898. The product covered by the Port of Fort Esquimilt at the time was an important base for the Royal Navy's Pacific Squadron.

In the early days, the fort was occupied by British troops. With the withdrawal of British forces from Canada, the fort was handed over to Canadian troops in 1906. It changed a part of the crew of the British to the Canadian armed forces. The Canadians held the fort then up to the task of its military use in 1956 manned and built it still partially out or modernized it. The various buildings are drawn from different times. From the early days of the fort derived the upper and lower gun battery while the battery Belmont was not built until around the year 1900. The searchlight system is one of the last buildings which were built in the period around 1940.


The entire system can now be visited in principle. Although can not be access to any premises, however, can be obtained in the object in the whole of the open spaces a good insight. The two historical monuments Fisgard Lighthouse and Fort Rodd Hill are hereby jointly managed by Parks Canada. Within this total are on-site cultural events, such as concerts and shows, instead.

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