Franklin and Megantic Railway

The Franklin and Megantic Railway is a former railway company in Maine (United States). It was first established as " Franklin and Megantic Railroad " on 1 July 1883, built a railway track width of 610 millimeters Strong by Kingfield. The opening of the 24.2 km long railway line Strong Kingfield was the end of 1884. Besides you can still build a 2.7 -kilometer branch line to Mount Abram, and a short branch line to Alder Stream. In Strong was a connection to the Sandy River Railroad, which was built in the same gauge. The company had to be restructured as after financial problems on 3 June 1897 in " Franklin and Megantic Railway".

The extension of the line through Kingfield addition was built by the Kingfield and Dead River Railroad, a subsidiary of F & M was until 1897 that continues to lead the operation. On January 30, 1908, the merger with the Kingfield and Dead River Railroad and the Sandy River Railroad was. The new company operated under the name Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad. The route of the former Franklin & Megantic was shut down and dismantled until 1935.