Franz Federschmidt

Francis Henry spring Schmidt ( born February 21, 1894 in Philadelphia, † April 14, 1956 in Philadelphia ) was an American rowers.

Franz Schmidt spring was the smaller but older brother of Erich Schmidt spring, with which he departed for the Pennsylvania Barge Club. Both began in 1916 with the rowing, but had their sporting career because of the convocation in the U.S. armed forces and participation in the First World War interrupt. Not until 1920 that they began with the Rowing and qualified with their fellow members Kenneth Myers and Carl Klose for the Olympic Summer Games in Antwerp in 1920. There, the helmsman Sherman Clark joined them. In the four with coxswain they were subject only to the team from Switzerland and won the silver medal. After the Games, the brothers moved on to the Undine Barge Club.