Franz Lambert

Franz Lambert ( born March 11, 1948 in Heppenheim ) is a German musician, composer and organist ( Wersi - organ). His publications include 102 albums.


As a teenager, Lambert learned for four years at the Conservatory piano and graduated from a hotel management teaching. In the parents' restaurant "Zum rock cellar " in Sonderbach he played 16 years for the first time in public at a Hammond organ. In 1969 he appeared in the entertainment program " Zum Blauen Bock ". Following his first record deal followed. Lambert came in numerous television shows such as " The Grand Prix " or " The Love Boat ", but also before and with celebrities such as Queen Sophia of Spain, Prince Charles and Helmut Schmidt, with whom he played, among others, four hands.

In the South American stadiums Lambert played before 80,000 people.

His compositions include, inter alia, the official FIFA anthem ( from the album For You), since the FIFA World Cup 1994 world - when organized by FIFA football games - is used, and the title "Lady in Blue", "Encounters " ," Why ", " La Musica "," Victory " and" First Love ".

In 2005, Franz Lambert launches its anniversary tour.

At the special request of FIFA President Joseph Blatter Franz Lambert has played live at the World Cup final in Berlin in 2006, which was composed by him official FIFA anthem and the two national anthems.

The " DFB anthem" - composed and produced by Franz Lambert and Christian Wildermuth - was first presented at the 100th anniversary celebration of the DFB / German Football Association and now serves at the games in the DFB Cup as run music. But is also used in games of the German national team to use - also at the inlet of the teams.

Franz Lambert plays (s) on the following instruments:

Franz Lambert is married and has two children. He lives in Heppenheim Special creek in circle mountain road, Hesse.


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