Frau und Hund

Woman and dog ( Subtitle: Journal of cursive thinking) is a magazine for art, literature and related topics, published since 2003 by the artist Markus Liipertz.


The magazine was first published on the occasion of Art Basel as a paperback book, which was given to visitors of the fair. A purely Italian edition was presented in April 2004 at the Villa Massimo, a purely French edition in November 2006 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In May 2007, another special edition was presented at the Albertina in Vienna.

Since the 11th edition of the magazine appears not only as hardbacks edition in bookstores, but also as a clothbound edition, which is added an original print by an artist from Liipertz environment.

From the magazine edition series has emerged for cursive thinking.


The concept arose from an idea by Markus Liipertz and its dissatisfaction with the art criticism, together with the editor GH Dutch and Durs Grünbein.

The Germany radio put in a review that " the esoteric texts with abstruse private philosophies are not found, as well as original contributions without grace and wit. " Contents of the magazine compares the reviewer of the Germany radio with a colorful cabbage and turnip garden where even giant tomatoes growing, of which is not entirely clear whether they are edible: "You have the pronounced narcissism of Markus Liipertz winking accept to see in this magazine a generous alimentierte playground, a free box of anarchy. "

The subtitle " Journal of cursive thinking" plays on the term in italics and the word course as opposed to the discourse.

Woman and dog appears in Teltow with three issues a year.


In Woman and dog numerous German and international artists and intellectuals have published.

  • Frank Stella
  • Brenton Broad Stock
  • Moni Ovadia
  • Valentino signs
  • Piero Falchetta
  • Jean -Claude Lebensztejn
  • Benoît Grean
  • Jean Marois
  • László Krasznahorkai
  • Yuri Averbakh
  • Krasni
  • Heinrich Steinfest
  • Durs Grünbein
  • Werner Schade
  • Hans Holländer
  • Gabriele Henkel
  • Tilman Spengler
  • Jörg H. Gleiter
  • Thomas Art
  • Joachim Sartorius
  • Mirjam Schaub
  • Daniel Spoerri
  • Immendorff
  • Peter yoke
  • Thomas Under Rainer