Freddie Redd

Freddie Redd (* May 29, 1928 in New York City ) is an American jazz pianist and composer of the hard bop. He played with Jackie McLean and Art Farmer.

Life and work

Freddie Redd was a professional musician in 1949 and first played with Cootie Williams and Oscar Pettiford in 1953, with Joe Roland and Art Blakey in 1954. 's First recordings were made in 1957 for Savoy Records. In 1959 he wrote the music for Jack Gelber's play The Connection, which premiered at Redd with his quartet (which also includes the saxophonist Jackie McLean was one ) was involved. In addition, Freddie Redd made ​​recordings with Albert Ammons, Rolf Ericson, Tiny Grimes, Art Farmer, Tommy Potter and Joe Roland and played several albums under his own name. Because of a lack of economic success, he went to Europe and returned in 1974 back into the USA. In 1988, he attempted a comeback with shooting at a restaurant in San Francisco. Freddie Redd is currently less as a musician than as a composer of the bop in memory; his compositions Melanie and Blues Blues Blues in 1987 reinterpreted by John Zorn, Bill Frisell and George Lewis (News For Lulu ).


As a leader

As a sideman

  • Albert Ammons: All Star Sessions ( OJC, 1955)
  • Rolf Ericson Rolf Ericson & The American All Stars (Dragon, 1956)
  • Art Farmer: When Farmer Meets Gryce ( OJC, 1955)
  • Tiny Grimes: The Complete 1950-1954, Vol 3-5 ( Blue Moon )