Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle Motocross FMX or short has evolved from motocross. Originally competitions were at motocross competitions in addition to the actual race for the entertainment of spectators held, which managed the driver with his machine the best and most beautiful whip (see below). Soon, the driver began to focus only on this competition, FMX gradually became an independent discipline of the sport.

Jump In FMX the riders with slightly modified motocross bikes over jumps ( "kicker "). In the few seconds between take-off and landing, they perform some very daring maneuvers in the air. Depending on the competition, a single jump or series of jumps in a predefined time of judges, the judges will be evaluated. The rider with the highest score wins.

One of the world's best and most successful drivers include Travis Pastrana (U.S.), Nate Adams ( U.S.), Mike Metzger ( U.S.), Ronnie Renner ( U.S.), Mathieu Rebeaud (CH), Jeremy " Twitch " Stenberg (U.S.), Dany Torres ( ESP) and Ailo Gaup (NOR ). The successful German drivers are Sebastian ( Busty ) " Airwastl " Wolter, Hannes " NSA " Ackermann and Fabian (Fab ) Bauersachs.

The most important competitions in the FMX X Games, Red Bull X -Fighters and the Night -of-the -Jumps series.

Motorcycles used

Most riders jump with 250 cc 2-stroke motorcycles. These have the best match between performance and handling. Some drivers use 125 cc bikes, which have better handling, but not so good acceleration. The initial section of the ramps in the FMX arena contests is usually relatively short, so that with a 125 cc engine has problems to achieve the required speed to jump over the ramps. In FMX events primarily motorcycles manufacturer KTM, Yamaha and Kawasaki, but also from Honda and Suzuki are used. 2009 Kain Saul has a backflip, so back flip performed with a heavy Harley -Davidson XR1200 first time.

Conventional modifications to the machines

  • Attaching handles (because of back flips ) or the cutting of openings on the lateral plastic parts under the seat - Used to hold on to for special tricks ( at Seat grave tricks ) can. Some drivers stick to even get skateboard grip tape to the open pursuit of the rear frame for added control and safety during jumps.
  • Modifications to the suspension - The shock absorber must be adjusted for hard landings to absorb the landing at very high or long jumps.
  • Reduction of the stern ( rear wing ) - This is to ensure that the driver has more room for his tricks. Meanwhile, however, waive some drivers for this change.
  • Broadening of the footpegs - Allows the operator to a safer level during the tricks and help with the return on the tabs at "no- footed" tricks. In addition, the forces occurring during the landing be better distributed on the foot.
  • High handlebars without center brace to stay not depend on tricks like " Barhop " or " Shaolin " on the center bar

Description of some tricks

The names of the tricks comes in part from the BMX industry. When choosing a name / extension of new tricks has a driver who first shows him without falling, traditionally a decisive influence. Presenting a new trick as the first publicly is the great aim of every freestyle MX'ers ​​.

  • TP7 - backflip with 360 ° rotation. Could the end of 2009 for the first time landed by Travis Pastrana.
  • Front flip - front flip on a motorcycle. For the first time shown by Jim Dechamp at the X-Games 2008. With Nitro Circus he showed extended this. He is / was the only one who creates this stunt / e
  • Backflip - backflip on a motorcycle. Was first shown a backflip by Carey Hart. However, this ended with a crash. Mike Metzger was the first extended Backflip.
  • Double Backflip - double backflip on a motorcycle, first shown by Travis Pastrana.
  • Suicide Backflip - The driver starts with a backflip during the jump and the jump combined with a Cordova.
  • Body Varial - The driver is released from the machine rotates around its own vertical axis, takes up the machine again, sitting on and lands. For the first time landed by Chuck Carothers at the X-Games 2004
  • Shoebox - The driver leaves the bike and hooked up with the legs at the cut-out side handles firmly
  • Can can - The driver moves one leg forward to the other side of the tank and stretched it out.
  • Candybar - The rider swings a leg forward over the handlebars.
  • Heelclicker ( heel clicker ) - The driver swings his legs outside his arms over over the handlebars until they touch the feet.
  • Cordova - Keep your hands on the handlebars, the feet walking under the handlebars and the driver pushes his entire upper body through the gap to the front and puts his head backwards.
  • Nac nac - The rider swings a leg back over the seat.
  • Cliffhanger ( cliff hanger ) - The driver hooked his feet under his arm and stretched his body upward from
  • Coffin - The driver stretches his legs under the handlebars and puts his body on the bench, with hands off the handlebars.
  • Lazy boy ( Lazy Boy) - The driver lets go of the handlebars, lies down with your arms back and legs stretched forward under the handlebars, so that it lies horizontally on the machine.
  • Fender Kiss - The driver leans over the handlebars forward, with his helmet until it touches the front fender in the ideal case. At the " Kiss of Death" while the legs are stretched upward (see tsunami ).
  • Mulisha Twist - 360 ° rotation. Since the motorcycle is stabilized by the rotating wheels, a 360 ° off axis only can be shown.
  • Tsunami - The driver holds on to the handlebars. The machine swings down, while he extends his body upward. Ideally, both of which form a vertical line.
  • Tsunami scorpion style ( Tsunami Scorpio style) - When the tsunami scorpion style of the driver bends his knees so that his feet pointing in the flight direction.
  • Flintstone ( flint) - The driver has both legs on one side of the machine and "runs" in the air beside her and takes his hands off the handlebars. The name alludes to the car of the cartoon character Fred Flintstone.
  • Indian Air - Similar trick like the Superman Seat grave. With the difference that the driver throws his legs crosswise. ie Left leg as far to the right and vice versa.
  • Nothing - The driver separates briefly completely from the machine and start it again.
  • No footer - The rider removes both feet from the footrests.
  • No hander - The driver takes both hands off the handlebars.
  • One handed - The driver takes one hand off the handlebars.
  • Superman - The legs and torso are long stretched backward while the hands stay on the handlebars.
  • Superman Seat grave - Expansion of the Super Mans. The driver moves during the exercise backwards and keeps mostly only with one hand in a specially designed grip under the seat firmly.
  • Rock solid - Similar trick like the superman seat grave, but the driver opens his arms to the side and floats freely for a short time on the machine.
  • To one hand landing - The machine is landed with one hand.
  • To no hand landing - The machine is landed by private treaty.
  • Whip ( whip ) - The machine is turned in the air to the side so that it is transverse to the direction of flight.
  • Suicide Whip - a No- Handed Whip
  • Special Flip / Special Greg - The driver disconnects from the machine and makes his body a back flip. First on an MX machine run by Tom Pages in the "X- Games" in 2012. This trick was derived from the BMX scene in which he was first mastered by " Greg Powell " in a live performance of Nitro Circus. Hence the original name of "Special Greg".
  • Wheelie: The driver pulls the front wheel up and moves to the rear wheel.
  • Stoppie: The driver brakes on so that the rear wheel goes up.
  • Burnout: The machine is stationary and the rear wheel rotates through.

Starting with some basic tricks give rise to many variations. For example, can a Superman Seat grave ( SSG) as a double -SSG (both hands reach into the grave - holes) are bound. The Double -SSG in turn can be used as Rock Solid ( grave -Holes will be released for a short time, the driver hovers over the motorcycle) to jump.

Furthermore, you can combine these different tricks. More recently very popular in the FMX backflip combos as Backflip Cordova ( first shown by Adam Jones ), Backflip Superman, Backflip Lazy Boy and the Heelclicker Backflip.