Fritz Laband

Fritz Laband ( born 1 November 1925 in Hindenburg OS, † January 3, 1982 in Hamburg ) was a German football player.


Fritz Laband came from Upper Silesia. From 1936 to 1937 he played with Reichsbahn SV Hindenburg, then from 1938 to 1943 for 09 and Hindenburg in 1943 for SC Preußen Zaborze. In 1945, he and his family fled from Upper Silesia and came as a refugee in the Soviet occupation zone. His football career he sat in Wismar at zsg anchor continued, in 1949 Mecklenburg- master, played 1949/50, in the GDR Oberliga and was five times used in the national selection Mecklenburg. At a meeting between the national teams of the GDR and Czechoslovakia in 1950 scouts Hamburger SV were aware of Laband and convinced him to move to Hamburg. For HSV, he completed 1950-1956 143 games, then he moved to Werder Bremen for a season. He later played one year for Green-White 07 Hamburg. After his playing career, he coached Buxtehude SV, USC Paloma Hamburg SV Lurup.

In the West German national team Laband came as a defender in four games for use. His first international game he played during a 5-3 victory over Switzerland on 25 April 1954 in Basel. Highlight of his career was his participation in the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, where he became World Champion with the German national team. He played there in the two matches of the preliminary round against Turkey (4:1 and 7:2 ) and in the quarter-finals 2-0 against Yugoslavia.

In later years he became a restaurateur in significant financial difficulty. Until shortly before his death in 1982, he worked in his learned profession as an electrician, and finally as driver of the CEOs of the company Kobolt in Hamburg- Rothenburgsort. In the early 1980s, was diagnosed with Fritz Laband, who had been smoking a long time cancer of the larynx. He succumbed to the cancer finally 56 years old in Hamburg St. Georg hospital.