GE Transportation

GE Transportation Systems ( GETS ) is a manufacturer of rail vehicles, railcars and rail infrastructure systems. GETS belongs to the American company General Electric, one of the highest turnover conglomerates in the world. The company is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, the location in Germany is in Bad Durkheim ( Rhineland -Palatinate).

As one of the largest suppliers of railway companies, transport industry and the mining industry, GE Transportation freight and passenger locomotives, mining vehicles, electric drive systems for drill heads as well as diesel engines for marine and stationary applications.

Product Overview:

  • Freight and passenger locomotives
  • Vehicles for the mining industry
  • Electric drive systems for drilling heads
  • Diesel engines for marine and stationary applications
  • Electrical drives and controls for fast freight
  • Signaling and communications systems
  • Hot Axle Box Detectors
  • Solutions for data networking

GETS in 2005 had sales of over three billion dollars with over 8000 employees worldwide. Competitors are EMD, Siemens Transportation Systems and Bombardier Transportation.