Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners

The Genootskap van Excited African ( Afrikaans for, the communion of true Afrikaner ') was founded in Paarl on August 14, 1875 at the home of Gideon Malherbe with the aim to establish Afrikaans as a written language. The founding members were the teacher Arnoldus Pannevis, Gideon Malherbe, the journalist DF du Toit ( called Oom lokomotief ), his brother SJ du Toit, "doctor" D. F. du Toit, the printer Peter Malherbe, August Ahrbeck and CP Hoogenhout, a Dutch immigrant.

The teacher Arnoldus Pannevis regarded as the intellectual father of the community. He had noticed that most South Africans of Dutch descent could not speak proper Dutch more. Over the time 200 years old history of the Cape Colony, the language of the Dutch immigrants had already changed under the influence of other European immigrants and the native languages ​​(eg Khoikhoi and the Cape Malays ) significantly.

Since August 14, 1975 is on the first floor of the house, the Afrikaans Language Museum. The ground floor of the farmhouse is original as the time of Malherbe established, who lived here from 1860 to 1921.

The cooperative was from 15 January 1876 Afrikaanse Patriot was the first magazine in Afrikaans out first only on a monthly basis, from 1878 then weekly. SJ du Toit was chief editor of the magazine, and lived from 1889 to 1904 even directly in the print shop in the Hoofstraat (main street). The Afrikaanse Patriot was replaced after bankruptcy in 1905 by the still existing Paarl Post.