Georg Gradnauer

Georg degree Auer ( born November 16, 1866 in Magdeburg, † November 18, 1946 in Berlin- Schlachtensee ) was a German politician ( SPD).


Degree Auer, son of a merchant, of Jewish origin studied, after passing High School from 1885 to 1889 in Geneva, history, literature and philosophy. After 1888 took place in Halle / Saale PhD, a dissertation on " Mirabeau's thoughts on the renewal of the French state ," he was until 1897 editor of the Dresdner People's Daily, then to 1905 editor of the "forward" in Berlin, and then until 1918 a senior editor in Dresden.

From 1889 to 1890 degrees Auer completed his military service. He joined the SPD in October 1890. 1898-1906 and 1912-1918 he was a member of the Reichstag ( MdR ). During the break after the First World War was Gradnauer Chairman of the Council of People's Representatives in the Free State of Saxony. He held this post of 22 January 1919 to 14 March 1919.

His party was strongest in elections to the People's Chamber on February 2, 1919 party. Following the adoption of a provisional constitution for the Free State of Saxony, the deputies elected him on 14 March 1919 the Prime Minister. He was next to the Weimar National Assembly.

The extremely turbulent political situation in Germany in the wake of the restructuring after the end of the monarchy took place in Saxony Chemnitz bloodbath, the temporary state of emergency by General Maercker and the lynching of the Minister of War Gustav Neuring their inglorious highlights. A meaningful work appeared Gradnauer no longer possible. He therefore entered into force on April 22, 1920 together with Interior Minister Otto Karl Uhlig back. His successor was on May 4, 1920 William Buck ( SPD).

Degree Auer was followed again MdR 1920-1924 and 1921 for a short time minister of the interior. From 1921-1932, he led the Saxon legation in Berlin. In 1933 he was taken by the Nazi regime in "protective custody". On 21 January 1944, a second arrest and deportation to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. He was detained there until May 8, 1945 where he was part of the group of Jewish " celebrity ".

Publications / works

  • The misery of the prison, 1905
  • Constitutional system and constitutional struggles in Germany, 1909
  • Election, the Social Democrats and their opponents, 1911