George Cole (actor)

George Edward Cole ( born April 22, 1925 in London ) is a British actor.

The first film Cottage to Let Cole worked with Alastair Sim, who became his friend and patron. The two appeared together in 11 films.

Cole served in the years 1944 to 1947 in the Royal Air Force. After that, he appeared in numerous films such as Cleopatra (1963, alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton), The Blue Bird (1976, alongside Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda and Ava Gardner) and Mary Reilly (1996, opposite Julia Roberts and John Malkovich ). From 1979 to 1994 he appeared in the television series on The watchdogs.

According to some sources Cole plays very often characters who belong to the higher class of English society. This includes, inter alia, the role of the nobleman Sir Giles Lynch Wood in the BBC television series Blott on the Landscape of 1985, which was based on the novel Klex in the countryside of Tom Sharpe. The reason for this is that he has mastered the accent typical of the so-called better circles well.

Cole is married for the second time and has three children.

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