George Fish

George Winthrop Fish ( born April 4, 1895 in Los Angeles, California, † February 22, 1977 in East Hampton, New York) was an American rugby union player and urologist. He is considered a master of the figure of Dr. Kildare his friend Frederick Schiller Faust. As Number Eight of the U.S. national rugby team, he was 1920 Olympic champion.

Fish was a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia Medical School. He played for the Los Angeles Athletic Club when he was nominated in 1920 for the Eagles for the Olympic rugby tournament.

Fish was a surgeon in New York and known kidney specialist; In the early 1930s he was popular with boxers. So he operated in 1930/31 within a few months the two former heavyweight champion Gene Tunney and James J. Corbett to the kidneys. He was professor of clinical urology at Columbia.


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