James J. Corbett

James John " Gentleman Jim " Corbett ( born September 1, 1866 in San Francisco, California, † February 18, 1933 in Bayside, Queens, NY ) was an American boxer. He was regarded as representative of the counter- boxing.

Jim Corbett debuted in the summer of 1886 under the name " Jim Dillon " after four rounds and won by disqualification of the opponent. After a total of 13 completed battles, including nine wins and two draws or not rated battles, Corbett boxed on 14 April 1890 in Brooklyn, New York, against Dominick McCaffrey, who five years earlier in the first World Heavyweight Championship after the introduction of Queensberry had lost rules against John L. Sullivan. During that time the fight had lasted seven rounds, Corbett McCaffrey defeated after 4 rounds. A year later, Corbett faced the colored Australian Peter " Black Prince " Jackson, the world champion Sullivan was so far gone out of the way. After 61 laps completed the fight due to exhaustion of both fighters was interrupted with "No Decision".

After another victory in a battle build Jim Corbett challenged to fight for the world championship crown at the September 7, 1892 John L. Sullivan. Although traded in advance as a 1:5 underdog, ultimately won by knockout in Corbett lap 21 and thus added to the well 15 kg heavier defending its first loss ever to.

Although Corbett for the world title a total of four and a half years had held, he defended him only once. Already defeated in his second title defense in the spring of 1897 in Carson City Corbett Briton Bob Fitzsimmons by a one -punch knockout in the 14th round.

After another defeat against Tom Sharkey end of 1898 Corbett got one and a half years later, the first boxer ever the opportunity to regain the lost heavyweight title. He stood at the May 11, 1900 over in Brooklyn, New York City, the new world champion Jim Jeffries, who had previously defeated Bob Fitzsimmons prematurely. After Corbett the hitherto undefeated champion dominated in phases, he had in the 23rd round plug in a heavy hit and also went co.

After this defeat Corbett boxed twice. The first fight he denied on August 30, 1900 against Charles McCoy, whom he beat in the fifth round knockout. However, the fight is still regarded as possibly denied. 1903 world champion James Corbett called Jeffries out to another title fight he but this time after only 10 laps lost early.

Was in the 1940 Jim Corbett once popularized by the film version of his life story under the title The Naughty Cavalier ( OT: Gentleman Jim) with the Australian actor Errol Flynn in the title role.

1990 was Jim Corbett induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.