Gentleman Jim (film)

The Naughty Gentleman is an American film biography of Raoul Walsh. The film, which recounts the sporting career of the boxer James J. Corbett, was filmed in 1942. As a screenwriter served basis Corbett's autobiography, The Roar of the Crowds. The premiere of the film took place on 25 November 1942. In Germany the film was first shown on 1 February 1947 in the cinemas.


In San Francisco in 1887, an illegal boxing match of the police is dissolved. Among the spectators, the two bank employees Jim Corbett and Walter Lowne and the judge Geary, who is on the board of the bank. To polish up the bad reputation of boxing, which led to a competition ban, Geary wants to fight as a member of an Olympic Association young men from good families. As Geary the next day enters the bank, Jim and Walter fear for their jobs. But Geary want to thank Jim for his testimony in court, with whom he had explained their presence at the fight.

Victoria Ware enters the bank to raise money for their poker -playing father Buck, also to bring a member of the Olympic Club. Jim accompanied the woman back to the club. Victoria shows him the club and takes him to lunch. In the training hall Jim exerts a little boxing, causing the coach to take him to the club membership. Jim, whose father working as a coachman and his brothers in the harbor, is self-confident and arrogant by the membership. The other members are angry and plan a fight between Jim and former British heavyweight champion Jack Burke in Salt Lake City. Jim wins surprise the fight by his excellent footwork and his quick punches. After the battle, a party is given. Walter is drunk and is asked to leave. Jim is loyal to his friend and goes well.

In order to finance their return to San Francisco, Jim graduated from a professional fight, he wins. With the help of manager Jim Delaney is the professional. He is successful, his victory against Joe Choynski will be held on a barge in order to circumvent the prohibitions performance. Jim gets the nickname " Gentleman Jim " because of his elegant style battle and his penchant for elegant clothes. With his family Jim then moved to Nob Hill. He is in love with Victoria, but which is repelled by his arrogance. She wishes that he loses a fight. 1892, Jim has to apply $ 10,000 to challenge the heavyweight champion John Sullivan can. Victoria, hoping to defeat Jim, is sponsoring him anonymously.

On the evening of the fight also Victoria is among the spectators. After 21 laps Jim can defeat his opponent by his technique. Also Victoria is pleased. She buys Jim a special hat for his battered head. Sullivan comes to Jim's victory celebration to him to hand over the championship belt. The two opponents praise each other, Victoria is surprised by Jim's sensitivity. When Jim makes her to marry him, she accepts.


For the lexicon of international film, the film is an " entertaining biopic between drama and comedy that gives a vivid picture of the early days of boxing before it was socially acceptable. " The television station SWR describes the film as " a twinkle told film " and " peppy Looking back on those early years, where the sport of boxing not quite socially acceptable and a more earthy folk pleasure was. ". Director Walsh was a " timeless and spirited sports film about cunning, lust for life and honor ' succeeded. Conclusion of the magazine Cinema: "That fits like chalk and cheese! "


Errol Flynn gave up a double and led all the fight scenes by herself. Even a mild heart attack during the filming did not prevent him from continuing to fight after his recovery itself. Only a body double was used. The footwork was doubled for the former junior welterweight champion Mushy Callahan.

The future director Don Siegel worked on this film project in the editing room. The stunts were performed among others by Yakima Canutt.