Manpower (1941 film)

Hearts Afire is an American marriage drama film from the year 1941. He was born 1940-41, directed by Raoul Walsh. Starring Marlene Dietrich played.


Hank McHenry works as a mechanic on high voltage lines. In a storm he had an accident and has since a walking difficulties. He can no longer perform its activities so far, so he works as a brigade chief. In this brigade also his friends Johnny Marshall and Pop Duvall work. During a snowstorm Pop died in an accident when he comes into contact with a power line. Hank needs to bring Pops daughter Fay, the news of the death of her father. Fay Duval is fresh out of prison and working in a nightclub. Johnny excited about the fact that the attractive woman is very unconcerned about the death of her father. Makes you even to Hank unique advances, which he feels flattered. He remains in contact with her, and even brings in money, which he pretends that this is money the accident insurance. Johnny warns his friend that the relationship with Fay might harm him. However, Hank tries very hard to the beautiful woman and asks her even if she would marry him and she agrees. Johnny is furious about the upcoming wedding. He offers Fay money, so it disappears from Hanks lives because they could not possibly the handicapped Hank actually love. Fay suggests the offer from though.

The couple eventually married and Fay tries very hard to be a good wife. When Johnny has an accident, it takes Hank with to his house so that he becomes healthy there in peace. Fay takes care of him and falls in love with the handsome man. However, when she confesses her love to him, Johnny leaves the house of his friend on the spot. Hank must now away for an extended time from home with his brigade. Fay leaves him during his absence and return to work back into the nightclub. In this nightclub she is arrested during a raid by the police. The police contacted the camp of the workers. Johnny receives the message and immediately runs off to fetch Fay from prison. He learns that Hank Fay want to leave. Johnny asks her to keep the marriage upright and takes her to the accommodation of the workers. That night there is a strong storm. The brigade is brought in to repair work from the beds. Johnny does not want to stand between Fay and his best friend Hank and wants to cancel, but Fay wants to leave Hank yet. Hank gives his friend Johnny to blame for the failure of his marriage and Fay accused of cheating on him with Johnny. That night, he wants to show him that he is still a full-fledged man, despite his disability. He gets behind Johnny on the power pole. A struggle ensues between the two friends, with Hank plunges from the tower and dies. Fay swears to the dying Hank that she has not cheated on him with Johnny. Johnny then leaves together with Fay 's brigade.


" Melodramatic triangle drama set against the backdrop of the world of work and half the world. Perfect craftsmanship, serious performer in a brilliant dramatic tension and excellent photography make the film for good cinema entertainment. "