Madeleine Lebeau

Madeleine Lebeau ( born June 10, 1923 in Antony, Hauts -de- Seine) is a French actress.

Life and career

Her first feature film role was played by Lebeau 1939 French melodrama Jeunes filles en détresse directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst. Only a year later had to flee (since 1938) and fellow actor Marcel Dalio because of its Jewish origin before engaging in France Nazis she and her husband. About Portugal and South America, they finally came to the U.S., where both were able to continue her acting career. Her first Hollywood films were The Golden Gate ( Hold Back The Dawn ) and The Naughty Gentleman ( Gentleman Jim, both 1941). 1942 Lebeau played by far her most famous role as Yvonne, the spurned lover of Rick ( Humphrey Bogart ) in the classic film Casablanca. In the same year Lebeau and Dalio divorced.

After the end of World War II Lebeau returned to France and was seen regularly from then on in French and European films, including the British crime film woman in the network ( Cage of Gold, 1950 ) on the side of Jean Simmons and Federico Fellini Eight and a half ( 8 ½, 1963). In the late 1960s she also appeared in TV series.

In 1988 she married the Italian screenwriter Tullio Pinelli.

Filmography (selection)