James J. Jeffries

Jim Jeffries ( born April 18, 1875 in Carroll, Ohio; † March 3, 1953 in Burbank, California ) was an American professional boxer and World Heavyweight Champion.

Jeffries was the son of Alexis Jeffries, a farmer and a priest, and Rebecca Boyer Jeffries.

World heavyweight champion in boxing he was on June 9, 1899 against Bob Fitzsimmons by KO in round 11 he weighed at the time of winning the title about 94 kg, about 78 Fitzsimmons

On May 13, 1905 Jeffries finished his career and gave the title of World Heavyweight Champions from it. In the battle for his succession - Marvin Hart against Jack Root in Reno (Nevada ) - July 3, 1905, he was the referee.

He was hyped up by the then sports press the " Great White Hope " against Jack Johnson, as this had become world champion by beating Tommy Burns. However, Jeffries did not occur at that time, since it whether racial segregation was not common to have white fight against black athletes. He denied Johnson the official title fight.

Jack London encouraged Jeffries Johnson after winning the title in 1909 with the words "it's up to you, Jim ," to urge him to fight against racially vilified champion.

In 1910, he joined, the years devoted all his time to Farmerei, then still against Jack Johnson for the championship and lost in the round of 14 by crash when his seconds threw in the towel. After 6 years of abstinence ring he was no longer in shape; this was his only defeat. For the fight Jeffries had to reduce his " retirement Weight " by 45 kg. His salary was $ 100,000.

In 1990, Jeffries was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.