United States national rugby union team

The rugby union team of the USA represents the United States at international level in the sport of Rugby Union. It is classified by the World Association International Rugby Board (IRB ) in the second class strength ( second tier ). The first international match was played in 1912 against Australia. To date, the team has qualified and has been increasing since 2003 at the annual Churchill Cup in part four times for the World Cup. Her achievements and celebrated the Americans several decades ago when they were in 1920 and 1924 Olympic champion. The responsible organization called USA Rugby.


British immigrants introduced mid-19th century rugby in the United States. 1872 originated in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first associations, which mainly belonged to the British. 1874 took place in Cambridge (Massachusetts ) between the universities McGill and Harvard the first international rugby match in North America instead. Still occur both universities each other every November and play by the original rules of rugby to the Covo Cup.

1876 ​​founded the universities of Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia, the Intercollegiate Football Association, played under the Rugby rules (apart from a slight difference in the points classification ). Later it developed from these modified rules American football. The first international match in 1912 played at the Berkeley University, the guests from Australia won 12:8.

Prior to the 1920 Olympic Games Rugby was not played long in much of the U.S. over a decade. Only in California the sport was still widespread. As the national team arrived in Antwerp, the Czechoslovakia and Romania withdrew from the tournament, France and the United States remained the only participants. The Americans won the game entirely surprising 8-0 and were Olympic champions.

In view of the Olympic Summer Games in 1924 a national team was put together again. The team consisted of some American football players who had never played rugby. The Americans beat Romania with 39:0 and met in the final to France. Again they managed a surprise when they beat the reigning European champion with 17:3. Shortly after these games underlined the IOC Rugby Rugby from the program and sank in the United States in utter meaninglessness.

At the beginning of the 1960s awakened the interest slowly. In 1975, the Association of USA Rugby was founded in 1976 and one match was held in Anaheim, after more than 50 years of interruption instead. In the following years, the Americans established just below the world's best. In 1987 she was invited by the International Rugby Board to the first World Cup and won in their first World Cup game against Japan. At the 1991 World Cup they lost all three group games, 1995, she did not make the qualification.

Although the qualification for the 1999 World Cup succeed, but again there was in the first round only defeats. In the 2003 World Cup, the Americans were again victorious against Japan, but missed a second time the quarter-final qualification. Four years later, they could even have no victory. At the World Cup 2011 in Group C achieved a victory over Russia.



As of November 22, 2008

Results at World Championships

  • World Cup 1987: Preliminary Round ( 1 win )
  • World Cup 1991: Preliminary round (no win)
  • World Cup 1995: not qualified
  • World Cup 1999: Preliminary Round ( no win )
  • World Cup 2003: Preliminary Round ( 1 win )
  • World Cup 2007: Preliminary round (no win)
  • World Cup 2011: Preliminary Round ( 1 win )

Olympic games

Known player

  • Mike Hercus
  • David Hodges
  • Morris Kirksey
  • Dan Lyle
  • Raymond Nelson
  • Takudzwa Ngwenya
  • Kort Schubert