Guam national rugby union team

The National Rugby Union Team represents the island nation of Guam Guam in the Rugby Union. The team is classified as a national of the third category by the International Rugby Board (IRB ).


To qualify for the Rugby Union World Cup 2007 Guam presented for the first time on a national team. In the first match against India was achieved with a 8:8 draw equal to a respectable start. In other matches against Kazakhstan and Malaysia but the team lost and was eliminated with just one point from an early stage.

The following year, the island nation turned again a team together for the test matches against the Philippines and Pakistan. In both games, Guam was subject to tight. 2008 Guam participated for the first time at the Asian Five Nations, the Asia Championship, in part. The IRB classified a team in one of the regional divisions that have not been approved for the World Cup qualifiers in 2011. In that tournament, it was possible to celebrate with 74:0 against Brunei the biggest win of the history of rugby in Guam.

Participation in World Championships