India national rugby union team

The Indian rugby union team represents India in the Rugby Union. The team is classified as a national of the third category by the International Rugby Board (IRB ).


India's history in rugby union is quite young. So the first international game of a national team in 1998 took place, although the association had been established 30 years earlier. The match against Singapore ended with a disappointing defeat 0:85. It took all of six years and 14 games until the team was able to leave the place as the winner after a clear victory over Pakistan for the first time.

Then, the team announced on qualification for the Rugby Union World Cup 2007. After a defeat at the start against Kazakhstan and a surprising victory against Malaysia, which one had to be beaten yet, two years earlier, no one came in the decisive match against Guam, who entered her first international match, a draw out and difference in the qualification from an early stage.

Since 2008, India takes part in the Asian Five Nations. First, the team was placed in the second division, where it was able to celebrate a historic 92:0 victory at the first issue against Pakistan. Due to the defeat against Thailand before but India was eliminated in qualifying for the 2011 World Cup.

Participation in World Championships