Gernot Rumpold

Gernot Rumpold ( born September 11, 1957 in Villach ) is a former Austrian politician (FPÖ ).


Gernot Rumpold visited the Federal College and Research Institute in Pinkafeld and was then 1980-1982 Technical Assistant in the heating and ventilation; he is managing director of advertising agency FP- 1998 advertising GesmbH since 1994.

His political career began Rumpold 1982 as an organization officer ( to 1984 ) from 1984 to 1986 he was the country manager of the Freedom Party Carinthia, 1986 Personal Assistant to the federal party umpire of the Freedom Party, and from 1989 to 1990 he was a member of the Federal Council, and finally from 1990 to 1996 Federal Manager of the FPÖ.

When his political mentor applies Jörg Haider, whose Buberlpartie, the Peter West Thaler, Walter Meischberger and Karl -Heinz Grasser belonged beside Rumpold, he quickly made ​​his career. As Haider's " henchman " Rumpold kept falling through rowdy behavior to physical attacks and criminalization of political opponents to try.

Euro Fighter affair

Gernot Rumpold is accused in parts of the Austrian press to have received excessive payments to his companies as part of the procurement of interceptors for the Austrian Army. The contract awards are represented as opaque and politically influenced. By his refusal to testify before a parliamentary committee of inquiry on the euro -fighter procurement, citing trade secrets contributed Rumpold and his wife Erika itself to this. According to a report in the magazine News for the Euro Fighter exists an advertising contract worth almost 6.6 million euros. The contract had been awarded to the agency 100 % Communications, which is owned by the former AAF - election campaign manager Gernot Rumpold.

Only about a third of the 6.6 million euros could be faced with a parliamentary committee of inquiry in 2007 traceable services, whereby the suspicion that false invoices or inflated invoices were issued for the remaining amounts, was never resolved. Thus, according to a report in the Austrian magazine profil 96,000 euros were charged for a press conference by the Agency. Rumpold offset against the FPÖ 30,000 EUR (including VAT) for the " organization and implementation " of the FP- party conference on 23 March 2005. According to industry information had the service provided a value of 1,000 to 5,000 euros.

Criminal proceedings

On August 9, 2013 Rumpold was sentenced in the so-called Telekom Austria affair due contribution to infidelity to three years unconditional prison and ordered to pay 600,000 euros to Telekom Austria. The judgment is not final. Other people, including Rudolf Fischer, were sentenced in this process to not final sentences .. The Tax evaluated according to a report in the Austrian newspaper Falter payment originally called " constructive dividend " in the amount of 764 539 Euro to the FPÖ, which he himself 2.5 million euros deserved.