Gershwin Theatre

The Gershwin Theatre is a Broadway theater in midtown Manhattan in the Paramount Plaza building ( 222 West 51st Street). The theater is named after the composer George Gershwin and his brother, lyricist Ira Gershwin, named. It is the greatest of all Broadway theater with 1,933 seats.

The theater space, designed by set designer Ralph Alswang in the Art Nouveau style, is located in the basements of an office complex on the site of the historic Capitol Theatre. The building cost about $ 12,500,000. The theater opened on 28 November 1972 as the Uris Theatre (named after the builder Uris Brothers) with the musical Via Galactica with Raul Julia protagonist. The musical proved to be an inauspicious start for the venue because it was forced to close after only seven performances with a loss of one million dollars. From 1974-1976, the theater was mainly used as a concert hall for famous pop and jazz musicians. Since 1977, running again listed musicals.

On June 5, 1983 during the Tony Awards, the theater was renamed in honor of George Gershwin.

Notable productions

Commercial record

The blockbuster musical Wicked played in the week ending January 2, 2011 in just eight performances a $ 2,228,235. This was the highest grossing in a week for a musical in the history of Broadway theater.