GF is an abbreviation for:

  • French Guiana, according to ISO 3166
  • Galois field Galois field, term used in algebra, a branch of mathematics
  • Gameforge AG, a leading provider of online games in the Western world
  • Austrian license plate for District Gaenserndorf
  • Buildings and open spaces, see types of use of the land use codes #
  • GeForce, a brand name for the company NVIDIA graphics chips
  • Georg Fischer AG, the Swiss, global industrial group
  • Managing Director or analog for the management
  • Floor area in the building and planning law in the Land Use Ordinance
  • Field of view, the surveyed without eye movement space
  • Girlfriend, see list of abbreviations (network jargon )
  • Glass fiber, optical lines for transmitting data
  • Large area, classic poster format in outdoor advertising
  • Large format ( photography), name for a recording format in photography
  • Group leader, function of authorities and organizations with security tasks for a person
  • Gulf Air (Arabic طيران الخليج, DMG Tayaran al - Ḫalīǧ ), the national airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, headquartered in Muharraq after the IATA code
  •, a counselor platform on the net
  • Sierra Leone after the ICAO code

GF as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

. gf stands for

  • . gf, country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) for French Guiana
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