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Maidstone is the county town of Kent in southeast England, located approximately 50 miles from London. The city is the economic and administrative center of the county and the Borough of Maidstone. Maidstone has about 75,000 inhabitants (2001) and lies on the River Medway.


Under the Charter of 1549 Maidstone was under the administration of the Anglican Church by the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, after the inhabitants of Maidstone in 1554 rebelled against Queen Mary I. and Thomas Wyatt supported, the Charter has been revoked; a new one was granted in 1559 by Queen Elizabeth I.

This was ratified in 1619 by King James I and the coat of arms, showing a golden lion and a representation of the river, was designed. 1949, on the occasion of the 400 - year celebrations, this emblem of the head of a white horse a golden lion and an Iguanodon was ( he represents the motto of Kent, Invicta ), added ( a dinosaur ). The latter refers to the discovery of fossils of such a dinosaur in 1834, which are now being shown at the Natural History Museum in London.


For a long time formed the agricultural markets, brokers and a large confectionery factory, the largest employer in the city. Today, many residents commute to London Maidstone or work in the service area within the city. Maidstone has a lot of retail space and 2 large shopping centers




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